Ka Kui Cheng, originally trained as a fashion designer, graduated with distinction from UAL's MA in Fashion Design in London. He now continually explores and expands his creativity through ceramics.

As a ceramic artist, Cheng finds inspiration in the imaginative world of his childhood, where drawing manga, anime, monsters, creatures, dragons, and dinosaurs provided solace for him as an introverted child. This creative outlet continues to help him cope with mental health issues as an adult.

These recurring design elements and themes reflect the playful and imaginative spirit of childhood. Cheng allows his imagination and the clay to guide him, leading to unexpected results that bring a sense of discovery to each new piece. His creative process not only produces unique artworks but also serves as a meditative practice, helping him navigate the complexities of his inner world and emotional landscape.

Influenced by traditional East Asian pottery techniques and aesthetics, he strives to create both functional and conceptual ceramics that reflect his personal style and experiences. His work blends the traditional with the contemporary, the rustic with the modern, and seriousness with quirkiness, often mirroring the multifaceted nature of human emotions and mental states.

Cheng's ceramics offer a moment of respite from our hectic daily lives, aiming to spark curiosity, joy, and wonder in viewers.